Fairy Knot (a.k.a single knot) Prevention
Trim ends regularly. It is recommended to trim every 6-8 weeks when split/damaged ends are visible
Moisturize/oil ends as dry ends are more likely to tangle
curly/coily hairs are more likely to tangle than straight hair but detangling regularly for every hair type is necessary to avoid matting/tangling
Stretch hair, use protective styles like twists to avoid hairs from tangling on each other
Have patience with the knots, try not to pull on them or brush it out without properly detangling or you may rip out your hair. It can be very difficult and sometimes impossible to remove single knot strands but prevention by trimming ends or attempting to remove with oil and rubbing between fingers is the best way to try and avoid breakage

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Key Ingredients for Hair Growth

peppermintThere are limited results of peppermint research and hair growth out there but one study found that peppermint oil resulted in better hair growth than minoxidil (a widely used and reputable vasodilating drug for hair growth). Menthol which is the ingredient in peppermint that causes the tingling effect is seen to increase blood flow.
fenugreekIn a hair loss study fenugreek (a traditional Herb commonly used in India) was seen to counteract inflammatory cytokines like IL-6 affecting the anagen to catagen to telogen stages of the hair cycle. It has antioxidative properties and has been seen to alleviate oxidative stress.
Another study shows that fenugreek reveals oestrogenic activity which may counter dihydrotestosterone which may significantly inhibit androgenic alopecia. It can be used as an emollient, has antifungal and bactericidal activities.
vitamin EIn a study of 38 volunteers suffering from hair loss, 21 took 100mg of mixed tocotrienols (vitamin E) orally and 17 volunteers were given a placebo capsule. The group that took the tocotrienol had a significant increase in the number of hairs (34.5% increase) in a predetermined area vs the placebo group (0.1% decrease).
Another study found vitamin E to be a potent antioxidant that reduces oxidative stress on the skin/scalp which can slow premature aging(lack of melanocytes-graying- and alopecia) of the scalp. Vitamin E has been seen to enlarge capillaries and therefore increase blood flow to follicles.
castor oilComes from the ricinis communis seeds and contains glycerides like isoricinoleic acid, has eicosanoic acid, linoleic acid,(fatty acids) etc. Rinoleic acid moisturizes and has anitfungal/microbial activity, it’s also seen to penetrate the skin and can act as inhibitor to prostaglandin D2 synthase demostrating an effect on hair growth. The fatty acids penetrate to nourish follicles.


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